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    I know Sprint has a program so after you have 5 replacements I 6 months you can exchange the device for a device of equal value.

    I'm on my 6th Palm Pre Plus with Verizon and would love it if they did something similar. I'm sick of the Palm Pre and have pretty much givin up on WebOS.

    Is there any way I could get them to allow me to switch to an Android device without having to pay the retail proce for the phone?
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    No, they will tell you that the Pixi is what they will trade you as an equal device and leave it at that, but they will allow you to get the Pixi after 5 times.
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    A couple of months ago with another model phone [motorola rival I think] that was plagued with problems, I was told that VZW had stopped offering the lemon loophole. After pressing the issue a little they agreed to swap for an envy3 [and were really quite helpful]. The point is sometimes you have to keep asking and sometimes you have to ask someone else [maybe even a different store or by phone] until you find someone willing to cooperate. That's the way it always seems to be with VZW - keep asking until you get the answer you want.
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    I guess I'll just ask the store and then keep calling and hope for the best.
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    lol verizon has something called "multi fru" it happens after 3 defective devices within a certain amount of time. they switch to a comparable device not of your choice and it renews your contract for 2 years. or you could just keep getting refurbs of your same phone.
    p.s. if you find this helpful thank me then suckas!
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