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    02 in UK and Germany have pre plus now, upgraded from pre, introduced long after pre was introduced on sprint. Verizon pre plus already works on CDMA. This begs the question: Why is there no pre plus on Sprint. Technically very easy to do:
    Various reasons could be:
    1) Sprint told palm: They are not going to buy a lot of pre plus. Which is hard to imagine considering pre is the 2nd best selling handset on sprint.

    2) Sprint irked Ruby: They wouldnt let Ruby release it on Verizon earlier or did not advertise enough.

    3) They are waiting for new WebOS Device: But considering they could have sold pre plus from June to Oct or when ever the new device is released that could have meant a lot of sales or atleast upgrades. Even upgrades would have helped as people would have not gone into android and invested in another platform.

    4) Sprint refuse to give palm deals for pre plus that others gave.

    What do you guys think? I wonder if anyone from palm here on forums would know, why pre plus never came to sprint.
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    5) They looked at Pre Plus sales elsewhere and said why bother placing a new order when we have plenty of regular Pre stock we are trying to get rid of.
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    Why, because we have the original.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    5) They looked at Pre Plus sales elsewhere and said why bother placing a new order when we have plenty of regular Pre stock we are trying to get rid of.
    That's probably it. I think Sprint is just waiting for the new phone(s).
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    Why, should Sprint waste its time trying to please a handful of fans willing to buy the Pre plus when the general public see it as one and the same. Is still the same "old" phone thats not going to get anymore sales than its currently getting, virtually none. Lets face it the Pre is an old outdated relic....sorry but the truth hurts!
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    I am eligible for an upgrade in December and if HPalm doesn't have a new phone out by then, it's going to be byebye Palm.
    I still think that's it's a great OS with tons of potential, but lets face it, the hardware was almost outdated a month after it was released, and now, well it's just ancient.
    Too slow, too many things that it can't do, the list goes on.
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    I recall reading that HPalm (formerly Palm) and Sprint were not on the best of terms recently regarding the introduction of the Plus on Verizon and dismal Pre sales. I don't think Sprint was very keen on purchasing legacy Pre plus devices after they had been offered for so long on competitors. In addition I believe Sprint also decided to just wait for next gen Hpalm devices, although it is not certain whether HPalm will release its next webos device on Sprint first anymore...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinster02 View Post
    Lets face it the Pre is an old outdated relic....sorry but the truth hurts!
    Old, yes. Outdated - well, I'll argue with you on that one. Still best UI and expandability in class.

    I've played with an Evo and an iPhone, and THEY seem outdated. Entering a long address from a web page into Google Maps? swipe up, slide, tap, continue.

    A good design ages well.
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    Probably because before the HP merger Palm was going to release their next phone on Sprint around June/July. Because of the merger things got pushed back.

    I am perfectly happy with my original Pre until a new model is released this fall. (Which is only a month or two away)
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    Thats what I was saying June to Oct is like 5 months, anything to keep the customers would have helped as once you invest in a platform it is hard to get out of. So a pre plus on sprint for few months would have been great.
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    The phones only been out a year in June, if they launch the new phone in late fall, more people are eligible for upgrade immediately. They should have hinted something at least by now so those willing will hold out.

    That, or its not ready yet.
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    was @the sprint store today and they have no, I repeat no palm product displayed, no pre, no pixie. Only a small section with a protective case/charger/ and screen protectors. So sad.
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    So new Palm phone will be @ which carrier in the US?
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    unlocked and online only.
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    I wish palm had brought pre plus to sprint, would have kept a bunch of people who switched to EVO
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