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    I have a few BB phones Ive just sold on Ebay last night. They have both been registered on my Sprint account in the past but arent in use on it now. Right now I have my Pre and Centro on it. I keep seeing if a phone is "registered or connected" to an account it cant be sold? Does that mean the people I just sold these two phones to arent going to be able to activate them or will they be fine since I have two other phones active on my account? I dont want to get a bunch of negative feedback for selling a useless phone on Ebay. Thanks.

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    You should be fine as long as the phone was deactivated from the account and was taken off in good standing. You are probably fine if you closed or switched the numbers on those phones to another and, since you still have service, your account should be in good standing. If you reported them as lost or stolen, then you will have a problem, otherwise cash in on eBay.
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    No I didnt report them stolen or anything and yes my account is good. Past due a few days but good! lol. Thanks very much.

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