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    I'm on my 4th Pre, and it has had issues with contacts being ridiculously slow to come up (read: 2-3 MINUTES). I'm using Exchange and Gmail Contacts.

    I'm well versed in homebrew, overclocking, etc. and to be sure I hadn't jacked the phone I doctored it... twice. The problem still persisted.

    Back to the local Sprint (non-corporate) store in Buford, GA to get it replaced. They asked if I could leave it for a few hours to let them look at it - which was all fine.

    I return to work, and went to look up a contact in Outlook and it took almost a minute to find it. Then I see down in the corner that I have over 23k (yup, 23,000) contacts!

    I had installed a synchronization program to keep my exchange contacts and Gmail contacts up-to-date all the time, and it must have gone flaky. Multiple contacts duplicated over 800 times each.

    I spend two hours deleting the sync program and cleaning up my contacts listing... and get a call from the Sprint store. "We have found the problem with your phone... it has too many applications on it." After using my floor-jaw scraper, I was told that the store manager would tell me when I come to pick it up how to download an application to take care of the problem.

    Again, I'm an IT person with significant palm pre experience...

    So I return to the store last night, knowing that I had found and fixed the issue myself. The rep at the stores explains how too many applications running at one time can lock up your system, and that the manager says I have to download the "Advanced Task Manager" from the online store. The rep then goes to my phone, and can't even FIND the online store let alone search for the app.

    His searching continues unabated even though I implore him that this makes no sense. He goes back and re-confirms with the manager the name of the file, and still can't find it.

    Now I know all along what they're doing, and play along because I just can't believe what I'm seeing. I fully expected to hear the "Benny Hill" song and see the manage chase a half-naked woman around the showroom.

    Finally, I have to explain to the rep that this is a PALM PRE. "If you guys have no idea how to use a phone, how do you expect to sell them?"

    I finally explained to them that this is NOT A FRICKIN' ANDROID PHONE and does not require tasks to be killed by a special program. Wow... he looked at me like just I had asked him to recite the Ghettysburg Address - in Yiddish.

    Needless to say, I grabbed my phone and thanked them for their attempted help - and suggested that they maybe learn about the best operating system that they have in the store.

    Sheesh. /end rant/
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    Quote Originally Posted by FragU View Post
    he looked at me like just I had asked him to recite the Ghettysburg Address - in Yiddish
    Thanks for the mid-day laugh. It was much appreciated!
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    When I saw this --> "Advanced Task Manager" I started laughing and sort of knew where this post was going. Lol

    Nice! WebOS does rock!
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    Yet another example of the bias that seems to reside with some SPRINT outlets. I kicked a DroidOS around and touted WebOS at a local kiosk and you would think that I had committed a crime. They rolled their eyes, looked at me and said, "Well, webOS and Palm is out and Droid is taking over the entire known world." Yea, that and Yugo.
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    Yes, that's exactly why I left Sprint. Feel your pain, brother.
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    Whenever I hear "non-corporate" I think "owner who is looking to make the most money the fastest with horribly undereducated staff". Usually this is a good thing to follow.
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