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    I wanted to know if anyone else was having a problem with the mobile hotspot speeds being extremely slow?

    I've tested my phone's connection to the Verizon and it comes up about what I'd expect 796kb/s. When I turn on and try to use the mobile hotspot the speed ends up being 79kb/s to any connected device even if there is only one device connected to the hotspot. My most common test device is my iTouch but the same thing will happen with my laptop.

    Has anyone had this issue and/or know why the mobile hotspot seems to be cutting download speed by a factor of 10?
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    mhs and anything apple does not play nice. I tried 2 sprint pres and a verizon pixi on my daughters ipod touch it maxed at 12 kb/s and then tried it with my bros iphone and same thing. I would try your laptop.
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    I actually have had the same problem (Apple Laptop), but usually my hotspot connection is OK. W/i the last couple of days it has been REALLY SLOW. I do NOT know why this has been happening, but was interested to read on the 28th the study that said that Verizon smarthphones use more data than iPhones. Maybe Verizon has started to think that the hotspot isn't that cool?
    (ref: Study: Verizon smartphones use more data than iPhones | Phones | iPhone Central | Macworld)
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    I said I was getting the same results from my laptop. It's a PC laptop so that doesn't go with the Apple product theory, though I wouldn't put down the idea of something being anti-iDevice if the laptop was working properly.

    That article doesn't really refer to this type of problem. First of all the Mobile Hotspot is a separate data plan so while it's running all the data is being counted on Verizon's broadband plan rather than on the smartphone plan. It would be counter productive for them to want to choke the broadband plan and leave the smartphone plan working fine since on the broadband plan they can potentially charge overage fees.

    I've tested the phone's speed while the MHS was running just to be sure that it wasn't because they changed the cell network speed somehow for some reason, that speed remains the same. What I was told very clearly by several Verizon employees was that if the MHS is active, ANY data the phone uses is counted on the mobile broadband plan even if it's from the phone itself. That leads to the conclusion that it's a device to device communication issue and not a Verizon issue.

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