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    I just got back from Japan a few days ago. I intended to use my pre as an email device via free wi-fi spots while I was there but not as a phone. I was under the impression CDMA would not work there. I've tried in the past.

    In any event, as soon as I land in Tokyo, I get an unexpcted text message from Sprint: "In Japan to call US dial 001010-areacode-number. Calls: $1.99/min, Txt sent:$0.50 recvd:$0.05." No way, I can really use my Pre in Japan? So over the next two days, I tried everything to make outgoing calls using the instructions in the txt msg but to no avail. I shrugged and thought, didn't think so, lying Sprint.

    A day later I'm in Akihabara (geek's paradise) and my phone shocks the heck out of me: It's ringing! I answer it and sure enough it is someone calling from the U.S. So now I'm thinking maybe in the Tokyo metro area or in the bigger train stations there is a CDMA network. I tried to make an outgoing call again. Nope.

    A few days later when I had Skype access on a computer, I called Sprint. They said they need to turn on "international calling" on my phone. They did. A few minutes later, it worked. Sure, it is expensive but for urgent calls, its worth it for me. FYI, Sprint said data would not work in Japan. But I did get text messages on rare occassion.

    I should tell you that the CDMA service was not just in Metro Tokyo. I was in some really remote places and the phone signal was strong almost everywhere. The only place I couldn't get a signal was in a little hot springs town called Kurokawa. Even the Japanese cell phones didn't work well there.


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    Text doesn't use data. And yeah KDDI supports CDMA.
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    sweet, good to know for my honeymoon, toyota city here I come! Now I just gotta do the proposal lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyotast165 View Post
    sweet, good to know for my honeymoon, toyota city here I come! Now I just gotta do the proposal lol
    Make sure you hit up a restaurant called Casita in Aoyama (one of the many, many 'burbs' of Tokyo).

    You need reservations, and you'll spend a couple hundred bucks, but it's worth it.
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    Will be in Osaka/Iwakuni next week. Any recommendations on prep before trip?

    dialing instructions for calling Japanese cell phone from American Cell phone in Japan.

    From your experience, do people text alot there? Emails I've sent to my contacts there seem to create confusion regarding SMS vs. EMAIL.
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    To be on the safe side, set away 20k for hidden fees and charges heh. I keep reading about those iPhone twits using their phones abroad and getting sodomized by AT&T when their bill appears at the end of the month.
    I am losing my mind at an alarming rate . . . Actually, I'm not really alarmed at all.
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    My bill was $8 for the usage in japan. That was just a few calls and a few text messges. Sprint charged exactly what they said they would. Att, I have no idea about.
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    I turn on sprint international data roaming when I go overseas, not really on my Pre but on my tour. It is prorated and unlimited, no worries about usage.

    I surprisingly had CDMA services in most of central asia and southern asia, I switched to GSM a couple times in underground locations or while in museums.
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