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    Going into the verizon store to help my mom get her new pre plus I had my sprint pre with me, We used to be on verizon but because of idiots working in the store we switched to sprint. Well heres just an example, Walking in my mom wasnt exactly sure which phone she wanted so i told her pre or pixi would be ideal for her, right next to the pre and pixi is the moto droid which she hears everyone buzzing about so of course she asks about it, first example of stupidity from vzw staff he tells her that the moto droid is the best phone on the market right now and android has over 200,000 apps, obviously not. next I told him we were looking at pre and pixi and he must have seen my sprint pre and started telling us about all the improvements for the pre plus and also went to tell us there were about 10,000 apps in the pre plus catalog (he went into some kind of confusing thing about different catalogs for plus and original) maybe trying to get me to switch. he told me that the sprint pre's gesture area button was known to break quite often and then you cant minimize cards which is false for both those things. Then after we made the decision on the pre plus he kept trying to turn the phone on without any sort of plugging in, then when we asked just to make sure if he could transfer contacts he said they are all stored with the palm profile... she had an env touch never before had a palm phone. I dont think the vzw rep was mentally disabled but i sure feel sorry that education has not been applied for him, what a dissappointment
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    that's why I always buy my phones on-line at the carrier web site, or call their tele-sales center if I need to talk to some one...
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