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    I know it's an old issue, but the GPS problems with the Pre (& Pixi, I assume) has recently began to bug me terribly.

    When I first got my Pre, the very first app I bought was GeoStrings. It seemed like such an awesome concept, but I could never figure out why it never worked. I tested and tested with no steady results. Every great once in a while, I could get it to work; sometimes it worked but was way off (like getting a notification miles away that was supposed to come at 1/2 a mile away); but most often it just didn't...

    It wasn't until I became a member here at Precentral that I even heard about Verizon's GPS lockdown. I've read all the different stories of launching VZNav first, or installing this patch (i.e. aGPS fix) or that app (i.e. GPS toggle), but nothing has really worked for me consistently.
    I recently purchased Jogstats (despite the GPS issues) and when I can get the GPS to work, I find it to be a great app. But often I find myself fighting and fighting to get it to do its thing and I simply find it to be frustrating to me and crippling to the device's value (as I hardly consider the GPS functionality to be a marketable feature [not counting VZNav, of course]).

    I dunno...sorry about the rant; I suppose I just needed to get that out. But I wanted to ask you, the webos community, what you do? Do you have the same never-ending irritation and troubles with the GPS on Verizion as I? Or is there something I have perhaps overlooked? Thanks!
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    two words... Garmin Nuvi.
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    gps wrestler also seems to help for location-based apps.
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    Have you tried the GPS troubleshooting steps found in the FAQ section on the GeoStrings help screen? In my personal use, and in many cases for customers who have contacted me with GPS issues, these steps have proved to be useful.

    In the Google Maps app, how often is your position correct? If it's hardly ever correct, perhaps your phone's GPS is not working properly. You could try going to your Verizon support center and asking them to load up Google Maps on their phone. If it works for them, your phone's GPS may be faulty. But before doing that, please check out the troubleshooting steps listed in the FAQ on the GeoStrings help screen. One of them may fix your issue.
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    I have tried all the GPS fixes suggested short of purchasing Verizon Navigator and none of them work consistently. I am afraid I will just need to use my Tom-Tom until Verizon and Palm can resolve the Verizon GPS issues.
    I love Verizon’s coverage and tech support and I Dearly Love my Pre Plus but the GPS problem is a real issue for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    two words... Garmin Nuvi.
    I have a TomTom GO 720, thank you.

    As for GPS wrestler, I'll give it a try. I never did because the app describes it as 'waking the GPS chip,' which I don't have a problem with thanks to the patch that turns GPS on when opening Google Maps (and turns it off when exiting). And to answer Dan's question, it's the actual lockon that gives me trouble; I usually only get a cell tower triangulation. Any time I actually get a GPS fix, it usually takes at least a full minute and I have to be in the exact same place.
    I'll look through the FAQ. Thanks for the replies. =)
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    I bought (OK, I'm on a 30 day free trial) VZ Navgator and even with it my GPS will stop working. I bought GPS Wrestler and it as gotten the GPS to become active everytime using Method 1 (of 4). I think one of the methods (3?) is specifically for use with Verizon Palm Pre+. On sale in the app store for a $1, it's been a lifesaver on my 2 week vacation (6000 miles in US & Canada)!
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    I think method 2 is specific to vz navigator.
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    not-yet-pre, I gotta say, for your situation, I love your avatar.

    @Rockbeast, does it really work that well? I haven't really seen any real testimonials before yours. Reading the reviews, not many state which carrier they are on and most that state Verizon give it pretty bad, so I didn't want to spend money on something with such mixed reviews.
    But especially now with the app sale and your testimonial, I think I'll give it a try.
    Does anyone know exactly what each method does? I wonder if, like Workerb33 said, any are specific to Verizon (just out of curiosity)...
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    as far as I knew, allof the gps issues are related to verizon.

    I didn't have the issues my self until this last refurb. I haven't found any pattern to when it stops working. I'm going to the doctor over the weekenf and then I will keep track.

    the irritation for me is that even with vz nav running (using 30 day trial) it doesn't always mean google maps works, and all lbs apps are integrated to gmaps and not vz nav. So if I go to yelp, yellow pages, whatever, I can't tap the address and paste it in to vz nav. It puts the location info into gmaps, whicj doesn't always agree with vz nav. Today vz nav couldn't get an accurate lock, so if doctoring doesn't change it I may have to ask for another refurb.

    fine with me. Preware and palm profile make backup a breeze.

    I've also noticed the gps radio sets off the batery temp alarm within a few minutes. That's annoying...
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    GPS lock works 100% of the time after a reboot for me.
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    @Workerb: I gave up on the opening VZNav a long time ago; never worked for me. And I refuse to pay for that program just for a feature that is supposed to be included (and works flawlessly on two other carriers, as I hear it).

    And I have to agree with the GPS boosting the temperature. I was able to get a lock this morning and used jogstats in my car ride (I like to see the map it renders of my speed; cool to see which lights I hit red and whatnot). At a certain stop I have to make, I was sitting there for about ten minutes and got to play with my phone. The temp was at 49c and just wouldn't go down until I took off the back cover and held it in front of a vent. I guess it's also worth noting that I live in Tucson and it was 40c outside (at 7:30 in the morning _).

    But the bigger problem I was having was with the battery drain. OMG!! During that ten minute wait (leaving GPS on of course 'cause I never know how long it'll take to give me a lock when I get moving again, if at all), I dropped from 86% to 73% while not doing anything but reading on precenteral.
    What's worse is what happened by the end. I have a touchstone set up in my car (sits just to the left of my gearshift). Twenty-four minutes later at the end of the drive, my battery was down to 67% while it was charging the whole time!
    I probably have that to blame on it coming from a car charger and not an AC outlet, but still... =/
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    I have Evo also, helps with GPS very much.
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    Just came home from a 6,580 mile trip...used VZ Navigator...when it would work. I just canceled my subscription to VZ Nav. It is about the most frustrating program/gps system I have ever used. It wouldn't work much of the time. When you have no data signal, good luck even signing on to VZ Nav. What is the use of a GPS system that relies on land based data signals to operate? I understand when such a signal is available, why not use it, but there are large areas in Wyoming and Montana (only 2 of about 13 states I drove through...not including Alberta and British Columbia, Canada) where you are out of luck. Thank the Lord for paper maps! They saved me a couple times. BTW, you have to have data roaming enabled to use Google Maps or VZ Nav in Canada....that can cost you.

    I spent most of my time using Google Maps. I also used GPS wrestler to get back the GPS system. It usually worked, but there were a couple days where I was basically without the ability to get a real GPS lock. I was in Colorado and had a Wyoming/Colorado map. I was using it since I wasn't getting anything better than a tower lock. My family and I were getting back in the car at the top of Mt. Evans, CO, about 14,200 feet above sea level. The wind was blowing about 30 to 40 mph. My wife and I opened our doors at the same time and 'WHOOSH!" our map sailed off the edge of the mountain...I wonder if any mountain goats found it and either had a snack or took a road trip to Denver?

    I felt really lost then. well, I was able to use the tower lock method to get to Rocky Mountain Nat. Park, where I suddenly got the tight GPS lock and all was well. Although, when I would try to run VZ Nav, the lock would be lost. I will be getting a stand alone system.
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    if your gps works accurately 'most of the time'
    & you can't use anything to get the gps going, try a luna restart...if gps never works...probably your hardware...
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    the new gpsfix app and patch work great.
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    Another reason I will not be a Verizon subscriber.
    Loving my Pixi. Yes I am a guy and own a Pixi, get over it.

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