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    Ive been trying to send my husband a pic all morning and keep getting a network error. Anyone else having an issue?

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    I get "message failed to send". I thought it was because I haven't paid my bill yet. :-)
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    Had a similar issues with sprint the other phone or data for hours. They might just be having network issues
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erckul View Post
    I get "message failed to send". I thought it was because I haven't paid my bill yet. :-)
    lol Nope my bill is paid and thats the same message I get. Ur good.
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    whew! Also had the issues yesterday of losing data connection at times. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio. Maybe a regional issue?
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    Hard to tell for me. Im in the woods and service at home is shotty at best. Pics usually send ok for me though.
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    Texts on sprint are working fine for me today. (Pac NW)
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    sprint working fine here in ma.
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    Im good with texts today. Its just pics (MMS) I cant send at all.
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    Seems to be just fine here. Calls, sms, mms, data.
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    I actually got it to work finally. Had my friend in Vegas send me a pic. Got the msg failed to download thing. Did a battery pull and her pic got to me and I was able to send one back to her.
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    I'm in Rhode Island and it's working fine.
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    Yep I just got one through to my husband as well. Mustve been something on my end and the battery pull(s) worked it out.
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    Same thing happening to me and another buddy on Bell right now... very coincidental. I'm going to try doing a battery pull like you guys suggested.

    edit: didn't work still cant send any texts
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    My phone went into Phone Offline yesterday for a few minutes, but other than that I've been receiving texts fine. I haven't gotten any MMS recently but I can ask a friend to later and report back.
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    I had difficulty in sending a message this morning but finally, after a half hour, the message went through.
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    I'm in So Cal and the past few days I've been getting a pop-up notification stating the phone cannot connect to data and to call Sprint customer service. Then if I just wait a few minutes, it connects again and it's all good.

    Something must be going on with Sprint's network, or it's just too darn hot outside.
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    I'm in SoCal and dealing with data issues last few days too
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    sent 5 pictures to my cousin on att and they sent from my phone but he was unable to receive them. Also been getting double txts too.
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    Was having the same issue here in STL all day. Reboot fixed it.
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