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    This is a tale of how awesome Sprint's TEP program is.

    So my wife and I both have our own Pre's and in a recent trip I too for work that she was accompanying me on I ran out of battery. Since she was on vacation and I was working I requested to exchange batteries. We did and went on our merry way.

    Upon returning from our trip she complained to me that her phone was discharging too quickly and not getting her through her usual day. I investigated and somehow she was logged on to the Google messaging when she didn't need to. I turned that off and asked her to try again.

    The following day the problem continued at which point we exchanged batteries once again. The following day I registered that my phone was also not performing the same way as usual, from a battery perspective. That is when I decided to walk into the Sprint Repair Center/Store to see what was up.

    I simply walked in handed my phone and I said "I'm not sure if this is a TEP issue or not but I believe the battery has gone bad in the last couple of days." After doing the usual checking-in procedure my phone was handed over to the technician who quickly diagnosed a bad battery and replaced it, no questions asked. This is (or I guess more accurately, was) a July 2009 battery.

    Couldn't be happier with TEP and I thought I'd share.
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    Wow, is this a POSITIVE post about Sprint?
    I've had nothing but good experiences with Sprint on the CS front, which is why I've been with them for 10 years. I'm glad that you were able to post about a good experience you've had. I've gotten sick of the babies who complain that they don't get free phones and have their feet kissed by their carriers whenever they want.
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    Add me to the list of fans of Sprint's repair services. We have a couple of local tech offices near my town and every time I've needed work on my phone (far more with the pre-Pre phones than with my current phone, as well as a multitude of LGs), they've been nothing but great!
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    I was expecting a song or a poem - am disappoint.

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