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    Found some interesting article about a possible merging of Sprint and T-Mobile in german it-news site original from financial times (online article not avail).
    Hopefully it's not posted already.

    Just found it on engadget.

    EDIT: Link to engadged corrected.
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    God, I Hope Not. T-Mobile Is Horrible

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    Interesting. It was rejected as an idea back in 2008 because of the different technologies (Sprints CDMA vs T-Mobile GSM), but, with 4G coming, thier differences could provide enough synergy to make them compatible for a fragmented US market.

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    I believe this would be a giant step in the right direction. Tmobile has been hinted of being bought out, or ended over here in the states the last couple of years. Their network though OK, still dosent have the mass power the other 3 networks have. They also dont have the multitude of high end devices, sprint, Verzion, and AT&T have. that being said if they merge through 4G standards, they would catapult them into a high end competition, with enough subscribers to even pass AT&T and competite with Verizon. Also that would be more HPalm devices assuming they still stick with sprint first (which I posted on the palm C40 blog that I was contact in response to my question of palm and sprints relationship and it was confermed intact and very strong). To me doing this lets say in a year or two would be a very big and smart move.
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    This is strange... Sprint and T-mobile to merge... I don't know, remember Nextel...? but if they play it right, it can be great to have a big combo deal, CMDA-GSM-LTE-Wi-Max... all-in-one company lol

    But, why would Sprint waste sooo much time and resource building Wimax and then say "oh maybe we can add LTE here and there" idk whats going on here...
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    From what I's just a software upgrade to make change from WiMax to LTE, the problem is they'd island all WiMax devices. If they could run both slowly transition over to LTE.....we'd have GSM/CDMA/LTE phones...that'd be great for a Palm world phone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PJaE00 View Post
    God, I Hope Not. T-Mobile Is Horrible
    that doesn't mean sprint is going to be just like t mobile.
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    Would you potentially be able to choose whether you want a GSM or CDMA phone?
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    i could swear sprint just finished up the final steps in integrating nextel and sprint just a year ago. we cannot go through another merger now

    I know i worked at nextel, before during and after the merger, and that was one big pain in the ***.
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    A source with Tmobile mentioned the upcoming acquisition tonight in conversation, and I'm curious: has anyone else heard of any news recently that this is legit?
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    I can see it happening. Very interesting topic to say the least.

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