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    Taking for granted my carrier (Verizon) will not slap me down for it, why would I NOT use "Roam Only" all the time? I'm just learning about some of this stuff, but it sounds like the way to go?
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    I guess it would depend on Verizon's coverage in your town. I use sprint and sprint coverage at my home is terrible, so when I get home I always put it on "roam only", but when i am doing things around town or at work, I leave it on normal because sprint is fine then. What I have found though is when I am on "roam only", I can't use my evdo data speed. It will only use the slower 1X. Im not sure why this is, but when I take if off "roam only" it goes right back to evdo.
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    I would check with verizon about there data charges first. There might not be a cap on the gigs you use while out of roaming, but the may still be able to hit you with data charges after you hit a point while in roaming. If I have helped in any way please hit the thank button
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    exactly what beach447 said. In some areas sprint has horrible coverage to thepoint where I get dropped calls and can't even send a txt. One simple click and i'm back up to 3+ bars.

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