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    I just called to add my girlfriend's phone to my account so we can share my employer discount, and they gave me a $50 discount for being a loyal customer. I was pretty excited but I really haven't been with them that long so it doesn't feel like I truly deserved it. I hope Sprint has the next Palm device!
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    how long have you been with sprint?
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    I have to say, my wife and I have been with Sprint for almost seven years now and we've never once had a serious issue with them. She travels for work all over the country and almost never is without service. Their prices have always been competitive as well. I greatly admire their all-in-one packages instead of the piecemeal services offered by the other big three carriers. I love that they don't have data caps like those recently imposed by AT&T.

    Every now and then we DO run into weird dead zones, but all in all they can be relied on just about anywhere we go.

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