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    How long do you have to be a sprint member to get a loyalty discount?
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    I've been w Sprint 10+ years and never remember getting one? Perhaps it is on "a need to know basis"?
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    If there is such a thing, I've never been offered it.
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    I think "loyalty discount" is a generic Sprint term. I have two Airave devices that Sprint waives the monthly fee on... those show up on my bill as "loyalty discounts". Additionally, years ago they had given me a credit for accidentally double-charging me... that also showed up as a "loyalty discount".
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    Sprint Premeire?
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    i think with premiere you can change phones every year instead of two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackfireball5 View Post
    How long do you have to be a sprint member to get a loyalty discount?
    Their loyalty discount is the Sprint Premier program.

    You have to be a customer at least six months and three of those months have to be on a plan $69.99 or higher individual plan or $99.99 family plan. Otherwise, you have to have been a customer for 10 years.

    With Sprint Premier you can upgrade every year, and you get 25% accesories in corporate stores and online when you buy two or more accessories. You're also eligible to participate in contests and giveaways given only to Sprint Premier customers.
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    no,what i'm talking about is a % off your bill because of a "loyalty discount". Alot of people I heard get like a 10 or 15 % off a month for this "loyalty discount".
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    About 10 years with sprint.
    I get minutes as a loyalty, not a discount for loyalty. I get 500 minutes extra per line. So 1500 bonus minutes on my everything data family 1500 plan giving me 3000 anytime minutes.

    Other discounts:
    I have a 20% corporate discount. $10 monthly credit (Reason: to keep my add a line at $10 not $20 when I went to everything plan).

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