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    hey - yesterday the earpiece in my pre stopped working - so I'm being sent a new one from Palm - but no one at Bell could tell me how long that would take. Has anyone had this happen before? Any idea what kind of time I'm looking at waiting - it sucks being without a smartphone, especially when it could be a week or a month.
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    I have been waiting over a week.... they said it would take 48 hours
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    With the 48 hours they probably meant it would take 48 to be shipped out then 6-8 days to arrive because last time I had to do one through Palm it took 9 total
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    I have been waiting 3 weeks for a replacement Pre from Bell Canada. I've talked to 5 different people at Bell and no one can tell me when my replacement will arrive. They keep saying they're back-ordered and they don't know when they'll have more. Of course the guy beside me in line at the corporate BellWorld store was holding a brand new Pre he just bought, so I guess it's only the refurbished units that are back-ordered.

    Anyone else out there with Bell Canada experience returning a Pre? How long did it take to get the replacement?

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