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    Hey Guys,

    My company recently moved to verizon and though i love my Pre, i decided to give the incredible a try. Well i cant stand the touch keyboard and was thinking i could reflash my Sprint Pre with the Verizon image and then add it to the network, but when i use the verizon webosdoctor, it never gets past 0% then says the phone was disconnected. Has anyone successfully done this?
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    Why not pick up a Verizon Pre Plus? Same phone, more memory, more storage, free mobile hotspot (legally), and they're practically giving them away.
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    I think this has been touched on before, but I'm unaware of anyone ever getting a Sprint CDMA phone working on Verizon or vice versa.

    If it were that easy, I'd buy a Pre + off eBay or something to use on my Sprint account in a heartbeat. ha
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    You will find it next ot impossible to get 3G to work. Although I have heard of success stories of getting devices to interoperate between Sprint and Verizon, none of them to my recollection have been able to get 3G to cooperate.
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    You will also have a hard time getting VZW to recognize the phone. It is possible, but it's all about the CSR you get. Because the ESN's on Sprint phones are in the Sprint D'base and the ESN's for VZW phones are in their D'Base. So you would have to get a CSR to add your Sprint ESN to the VZW approved D'base.

    I am with others, trade in your incredible and get the Pre Plus.... no reason to go thru the hassle of trying to get a phone with lesser hardware onto the network that already has the phone with better hardware.
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