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    just got off the phone with tech support as my service has been on and off repetatively today will all my sprint phones trying to find out if it was a switching issue or something then he said ''oh, smile, it's being tested till 5pm today for 4g, not sure if they are turning it on or what not then but they are testing it''

    he asked if I liked the evo I said it's really big and I prefer webos, he said don't worry, the so called c40 IS coming to us. I feel so relieved to just know for sure the next webos phone is coming to sprint.
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    That official my friend made my day (more like weekend actuallly)
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    That's great they're getting closer to lighting up 4G in the Syracuse area, hopefully by the time Sprint launches a 4G Web OS phone, they'll have dropped that $10 fee.
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    well, not sure if they turned on 4g yet here but I just ran a speed test and was pleasently surprised!
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    My sisters husband's cousin's uncle who know's a guy at Sprint that know's a guy at Palm said the same thing.
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    Soup's on!
    Sprint officially lit 4G in Syracuse, Rochester and a few small towns in between.
    Now if only we had a 4G Web OS phone.
    Next spring maybe?

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