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    My Friend who works at Bell just sent me this :

    Introducing the new Palm Pre unlimited Mobile Browser feature

    New and existing Palm Pre clients have an opportunity to have on device unlimited mobile browsing to surf the Web without the worry of incurring additional data charges (Tethering not included)

    Looks like Bell is REALLY trying to push their remaining Palm Pre's out the door !
    My family just picked up 3 Palm Pre's (hard to find by the way in GTA).
    Phone Cost -- $0.00 on a 3 year plan.
    Features :
    500Mb data
    Call Display
    Voice Mail
    200 anytime minutes
    unlimited evenings and weekend.
    Nationwide Fab 5
    250 additional text messages
    unlimited incoming text message
    TOTAL MONTHLY COST --- $47.00
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    Does anyone actually have this option code?
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