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    Quick question, since someone mentioned it.

    I had in the past kept 'data roaming' off.

    And set my Pre to 'Sprint Only'.

    I did not want to get any additional charges.

    But I was traveling and kinda remembered that with this new Everything Plan you did not get charged for 'data roaming' as long as you did not abuse it and switched it to Automatic with Roaming.

    So am I correct in that the Everything Plan we won't get charged for roaming?


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    Roaming is included.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post

    So am I correct in that the Everything Plan we won't get charged for roaming?


    My phone is in roam only one day a week and I haven't had a problem with Sprint.

    One of the Sprint employees who posts in this thread has said that Sprint does not charge for domestic roaming, but they do pay attention to how much you roam. If more than 1/2 of your minutes are on roam, Sprint will have a problem and may want to terminate your account.
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    I hit PRL update 60668 last night.
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    I am using Data On while roaming and Roam Only patch about 50% of every single work day (possibly more). My work building gets absolutely 0 Sprint service, while the second I step through the doors outside, I get 4 bars. It is extremely irritating, and I've called in to Sprint about it too, but there's really nothing they can do. I get 100% service at my house but 0 where I work, but i've been roaming (with Data) at work since the past 10 months.

    Haven't heard a peep from Sprint and in all honesty, I better not...

    'cuz they'll definitely hear a lot more than a peep from me back.

    Back on topic:

    I updated PRL first, dropped from 5 bars to 3 at my place. Then I updated Network Settings and went back up to 5. You guys with the dropping bars might want to try that.

    I'm at 60668 right now.

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    did PRL Update after installing 1.4.5 and its up to 60669 now
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    After 1.4.5 update mine went to 60664. I then updated PRL and it's at 60669. So I guess it's a good idea to check your PRL after the update. I don't know why it was at 60664, but I just remember I had to visit the Dr. a few weeks ago. Agh, so many things to remember to check on after a Dr.
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