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    Sprint to begin throttling data this summer? -- Engadget

    You know the fine print of your EVO 4G contract that gives Sprint the right to limit throughput speeds without notice? Skipped past that part? Well, consider this your unofficial notice. If what we're reading above is accurate, then Sprint appears ready to introduce data throttling this summer. Where and how are the big questions. The image above received from a tipster appears to have been grabbed from Sprint's own "The Playbook," though we have no way of confirming that at this time. It certainly make sense though given T-Mobile USA's recent move away from overage charges in favor of throttling.
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    Please let that only be for 4G...
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    I remember reading the Sprint ToS a while ago. It stated that Sprint reserves the right to throttle your data connection. I can pretty much guarantee that all of our contracts contain this language.
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    Believe me it just might be true. :-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    Believe me it just might be true. :-(
    yes, i have heard that carriers like to follow each other in lock step... when one makes changes the others so when I heard about ATT I was thinking it wouldnt be long before the others jump on it. Verizon has said for a long time that unlimited was not sustainable and wanted to go tiered billing.
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    This may not be a bad idea given the fact that some comstomers use the phone to link laptops, xbox, etc...i say make em pay!! Sprint should be able to identify those accounts using far more data than a pda would under normal conditions
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    That would suck for those of us who only have dial-up and satellite for real Internet options.
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    Something to consider. From a post on another forum.

    "Ok guys, whoever sent this in or posted it took it entirely out of context. Like miles away from the actual use. This is going to be a tool available for business customers. If they have an employee who has a company data card who uses the internet too much or misuses their internet (i.e. music/movie streaming, torrenting, etc.) that company's plan overseer will have the ability to throttle that employee's data connection. As you can see, in the photo, it says "this functionality will be added" Not "this limitation." So....yeah. HUGE screwup on the misrepresentation here."

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