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    After the recent PRL Update from sprint my coverage went to the 'caibo' so to speak.... (to be family friendly here). I hopped online tonight and spoke with a chat rep regarding this issue- my aplogies, it is MUCH longer, and the rep insists its a hardware issue- but it is fairly comical when he fails to properly instruct me on resetting the device and doesn't even warn me about what this may or could do- or for that matter what we're doing. AMEN I know what he was having me do and it was harmless, and never could have actually done what he was aiming for.

    06/09/2010 06:08:45PM Matthew : "I am having some new coverage issues at home lately... my signal used to be 3-4 bars but now drops calls and is below 2, no matter which of my phones i have."
    06/09/2010 06:10:00PM Agent (Martin K): "I am sorry for the inconvenience. Do you have this problem in all phones?"
    06/09/2010 06:10:38PM Matthew : "yes"
    06/09/2010 06:11:34PM Agent (Martin K): "I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please allow me a few moments to look into this"
    06/09/2010 06:11:41PM Matthew : "sure thing...."
    06/09/2010 06:13:56PM Agent (Martin K): "Thank you for waiting."
    06/09/2010 06:14:48PM Agent (Martin K): "I have refreshed the device and the device. I requested you to please switch off the phone, remove the battery, insert the battery and switch on the phone."
    06/09/2010 06:15:52PM Matthew : "I actually have done this, and made sure the prl and network settings were fully updated... it actually got worse with the PRL update just a few days ago"
    06/09/2010 06:17:43PM Agent (Martin K): "I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know are you facing this problem on all phones or just in your palm pre?"
    06/09/2010 06:18:35PM Matthew : "I have 2 palm pres and a samsung reclaim, it seems to be all the phones, but it is more apparent on both of my pres"
    06/09/2010 06:19:22PM Agent (Martin K): "I am sorry for that. Please allow me few moments."
    06/09/2010 06:21:52PM Matthew : "I wish I could go back in PRL because it seemed better, albeit not much before the update."
    06/09/2010 06:25:45PM Agent (Martin K): "Thank you for waiting."
    06/09/2010 06:25:59PM Matthew : "no problem"
    06/09/2010 06:26:54PM Agent (Martin K): "Please follow these steps:"
    06/09/2010 06:28:08PM Agent (Martin K): "Press the Orange + SYM + R keys and the phone will turn off and turn back on."
    06/09/2010 06:28:18PM Agent (Martin K): "Touch the appropriate language selection."
    06/09/2010 06:28:27PM Agent (Martin K): "Confirm the Language Selection and the language will be set."
    06/09/2010 06:28:39PM Agent (Martin K): "The phone will complete Hands Free Activation.
    Tap Next."
    06/09/2010 06:28:49PM Agent (Martin K): "At the Terms and Conditions screen, tap Accept."
    06/09/2010 06:29:01PM Agent (Martin K): "Tap Create New Profile."
    06/09/2010 06:29:16PM Agent (Martin K): "Enter First and Last names."
    06/09/2010 06:29:27PM Agent (Martin K): "Tap Next.
    Enter a password.
    Note: The password requires 6-20 characters."
    06/09/2010 06:29:35PM Agent (Martin K): "Reenter the same password.
    Tap Next."
    06/09/2010 06:29:45PM Agent (Martin K): "Enter an e-mail address to access the validation e-mail."
    06/09/2010 06:30:01PM Agent (Martin K): "Tap Next."
    06/09/2010 06:30:09PM Agent (Martin K): "The phone will connect and create the Palm Profile."
    06/09/2010 06:30:17PM Agent (Martin K): "Tap Next."
    06/09/2010 06:31:10PM Matthew : "ok one sec here..."
    06/09/2010 06:31:11PM Agent (Martin K): "Tap Next."
    06/09/2010 06:31:20PM Agent (Martin K): "Sure."
    06/09/2010 06:32:10PM Matthew : "if you do the orange sym r btw- it only does a soft reset and restarts the phone, second, i used the palm webOs dr application from palm to completely reimage both phones, also this process does not apply to the reclaim which also exhibits poor signal at home
    06/09/2010 06:34:54PM Agent (Martin K): "I am sorry for the inconvenience."
    06/09/2010 06:35:31PM Matthew : "I have covered my bases, its definitely ok, i was prepared before i contacted anyone."
    06/09/2010 06:36:00PM Matthew : "and i have had to have my phone replaced as well for hardware issues, didn't seem to make a diffrence with diffrent hardware either."
    06/09/2010 06:39:00PM Agent (Martin K): "I can see you have a insurance added on the account. I requested you to please visit sprint repair center for the phone check. The will check the phone and if there is any problem in the phone they will resolve the issue. I have also checked the coverage"
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    yeh, sometimes they're just following script. Can't always be perfect. How about that little cell tower thing Sprint has...??? Might want to consider that..
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    Yes, I already have one airave for another home, but the thing is I have had perfect signal at home for years- I have lived there for over 5 now... and its just NOW an issue. If i need another one their going to buy it for me.
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    It will probably be fixed in the next PRL if it is an issue with the current one. If not, its a tower issue.
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    Whenever you have a data or signal issue... never talk to Sprins CS... ask for a level 2 or 3 tech... they know more about whats going on with the towers... believe me... it happened to me xD
    Cingular 3125 --> Samsung Instink! --> Palm Pre --> ???
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    Yeah I am sure about that... the only reason I bothered posting was the fact he wanted me to 'reset' my device, by using orange+sym+r... and assumed that would trigger a re-activation. This guy had to be a complete dork, that or his scripts were horribly mistaken and he couldn't read.

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