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    This seems like it should be an easily answered question.. and I've searched for the answer both on Sprint's site as well as here without much luck... but here goes:

    I started out with Sprint in September of 09 with a plan that would qualify for the Premier status. As I understand this you become a Premier member after one year and "new customer" pricing on handsets applies after one year vs two if signing a new 2 year contract.

    Now my question is, does that mean that in September of this year I'll be eligible or because I will have just become a Premier member at that time it will actually be a year from then that I'd be eligible for the beefier rebate?
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    Actually, you qualify for Premier status after 6 months, but should be eligible for upgrade at 1 year. Check your Sprint account online -- go to My Sprint, then My Account. There should be a box on the upper left that says Sprint Premier.
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    The best way to find out is just to call Sprint, or go into a Sprint store and ask them to check what date you're eligible for an upgrade. If you're already Premier status it'll be the 1st of the month that your 12 month anniversary lands in.
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    You can check your update status on the Sprint website. On my phones it gives me the date I'm eligible, then it starts giving me the days till I'm eligible. After I'm eligible, it then tells me how much I can save. What you get is a $150 credit towards a new phone (and if you have multiple phones, only the primary line gets $150, the others get $75). That is in addition to any mail in rebates, etc.
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