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    If you switch carriers, can you download the apps to the new phone (pre to pre) without having to buy them again?

    This may have been answered before, but I honestly did search.

    I'm pretty much fed up with Sprint. Yes, by far the best plans, but they keep promising 3G (Vz already has it here, and has for a while), but that's all they do - is promise. A smart phone without 3G/4G is like a blazing computer on dial-up.
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    depends. Are you moving from a Sprint Pre to a Verizon Pre? If you activate a Palm profile from a different carrier, I would expect everything to be automatically restored to the new webOS phone. Is that what you are doing?
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    It should... cause Palm has user profiles...
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    Yes, it would be a Sprint Pre to Verizon Pre Plus.

    Thanks for the quick response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zippo6 View Post
    Yes, it would be a Sprint Pre to Verizon Pre Plus.

    Thanks for the quick response.
    Please post back with your results. And welcome to the Pre+ family. I am very happy with VZ and my Pre+
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    I did make the switch, and happy about it - I can actually access the internet without having to stop for a cup of coffee before the page loads.

    The apps from the Palm Catalog did restore to my new phone. The patches from Preware (including Preware itself) I had to reinstall. Text messages were not transferred.

    One thing I do caution is: back up your current Pre on the computer. Once you are activated on the new phone, your old Pre becomes useless - you can't even get to the files section/usb. It will default to the Activation Screen, and since you don't have the old account anymore, you could lose all the pictures, videos, and music/ringtones.

    Overall, that was a good thing though. I had to install the Activation-Bypass Tool, but once that was done, I not only could download all the files on the old Pre Drive through the USB, but I also set it up so I now have access to wifi on the old pre. I can't make calls, but I can access the internet, email and Google Calendar. I did lose all the accounts, but they were easy to set up again.

    Basically I have a pocket computer I can use anytime I have wifi access. I'm loving this phone more every time I turn it on, and I've had it since the launch on Sprint.

    Thanks again for the help.
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