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    First to be clear I like Sprint a lot. Good coverage where I am, great plans and customer service very much improved in the last several years. But I am worried...

    1. Went to the Sprint Corporate store here in town to check on a few things. One other person in the store the whole time I am there. As usual, the service I got was great. All this store has on display are mock-ups and rather dull layout of everything -- not many accessories and not very attractive.

    2. Drove past the other Sprint store in town. This used to be a franchise but they overnight pulled up stakes and closed up. Employees where apparently told at close of day not to come in next. Used to go in there a lot since knew one of the guys and he was very Pre-savy, but never many people in there either -- mostly people with billing issues and maybe one couple looking for a phone. The Store was closed for a week and Reopened and is now a corporate store run by the folks who do the corporate store visited in #1. Now only mock-ups there on display as well and not a big selection. Might have been a few folks in there but couldn't see anybody and parking lot pretty much empty.

    3. Had to go into the ATT store to see if they had a charger for an old phone we have at work. First thing I notice -- almost no place to park. Go inside and the place is packed. Have to give my name to a woman who has a clipboard with waiting list. I don't know what charger it needs so an associate will have to take a look at it. She says probably be a bit, so go leave phone with he and go shop elsewhere. When I get back the place is even more crowded and people circling lot to find a place to park. BTW, all the phones on display seem to be live and people are playing with all of them. Have attractive displays of cases, chargers and other accessories. They even have little video screens showing features of the various phones. Place was really hopping. and this was at 2pm in the afternoon on a weekday.

    In all, compared to ATT, the Sprint stores seem like goast towns. I know a lot of reasons for all of this but was reminded of something the guy at the franchise store I knew had told me earlier: Ever since Best Buy started offering instant rebates, their business (not that it was ever like i saw in the ATT store) dried up. "Why would someone buy a phone here and have to mail in the rebate when they can get it instantly there?" "Plus people get reward zone credits there and can use the credits they already have to buy the phones, so no way for us to compete." He, of course, is now out of a job.

    Now wherever someone buys the phone, it is still a Sprint customer, but Sprint would make more profit on the phones sold at the corp store I assume than those sold by BBy. Moreover this is something they could fix easily by offering the rebates instantly. Also, at least in our town, they need to rework how their stores are laid out and what they carry -- nothing attractive about them at all. When you went into the ATT store you felt like you WANTED to buy something. It was a fun gadget place. Sprint locations remind me a lot of shoe stores, except they are not even real shoes on display!
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    Soooooo....what you are saying is that Sprint is so MUCH more efficient at handling its customers' needs that they do not have people standing around getting frustrated with long waits and no parking?
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    I see this in my area too... with a few added observations:

    Some of the Sprint Corp. stores are dead. Those are usually the ones that are slightly tucked away and don't offer Tech services anymore. The larger stores are always packed. Those are the ones near malls and have full tech services.
    The AT&T stores pretty much operate the same way. It all depends on location and services offered for the most part.
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    The AT&T corporate store near me is a joke.

    1. iPhone this and that, iPhone accessories nicely displayed.

    2. Other phones on display are against the wall.

    3. Sometimes you ask about a newly released phone and they don't even have it for testing. Except the iPhone of course.

    4. The accessories for the other phones are also against the wall or almost hidden.

    5. Some of the employees have attitudes.

    There is another one is the same general area that is better though. It's in a shopping mall parking area, so there's no problem with parking. And the people are cool, or were the last time I went there. There was also no long wait.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    what part of the world are you in?
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    sprint corporate stores in st. louis are always packed and all have live phones. the franchises are a joke..some of them can't even pull up your billing info. i think one reason the corporate stores don't offer the instant rebate is higher overhead. the corporate stores here always have at least 8 people working and have techs on duty to fix and work on phones. fixing phones takes parts that the franchise stores don't have to keep on hand. parts cost money. and so on. i only go to corporate stores in st. louis b/c the franchises don't know their *** from a hole in the ground. i'm done
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    My Sprint Store is standing room only here in Houston. Every time I go its register your name and wait a hour. They have ten people working. I have to go real early or late. Sprint has closed a lot of stores. They are a company loosing money, so cutting back helps. They are relying on Best Buy and Radio SHack a lot more for distribution of their phone. Also, they offer free activation and next day delivery if you buy on line. Why would you go to the store? Unless its to just try something out. I bought my first Pre on their web site and the next day it was on my door step. Att stores may be busy in your area, but go check out a apple store. Its insane and they only offer like ten items max. Our mall has a HP store, Sony store, and Apple store. I much prefer the Sony or HP store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by potatoboy View Post
    I see this in my area too... with a few added observations:

    Some of the Sprint Corp. stores are dead. Those are usually the ones that are slightly tucked away and don't offer Tech services anymore. The larger stores are always packed. Those are the ones near malls and have full tech services.
    The AT&T stores pretty much operate the same way. It all depends on location and services offered for the most part.
    This is the way it is at my store. We are on the outside edge of a mall, even though we are right next to the entrance of the mall that has the light at it. I'm still surprised how many people have no idea our store is there after 6 years since it is on the outside edge with the main entrance to the mall.

    The store used to be much busier when we were a tech store, but when the tech were removed out traffic has slowed down. We are hit or miss, much of the time we only have a couple people in the store at a time, other times everyone decides it is time to go to Sprint. We have people come in all the time saying "wow, this is the first time I've been here without a line". I just think "really, well then you have terrible timing, we're pretty slow most of the time".
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    My store is a mad house. We are a full service and repair store so we have an absolutely massive amount of traffic from far and wide.
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    The sprint corporate store here near Atlanta is fantastic. Live phones, attractive posters and displays, demos, videos, touch screens and the such. Repair/tech as well. It's also extremely busy due to the fact that it's in an area with spanish speaking people and there are some really nice spanish posters on the store which pull them in.
    There's also nice comfy couches if you have to wait in line for your call after giving your name.

    It's great ; the stores you're talking about seems very bleak

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