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    I took my daughter into the Sprint store at the mall the other day (Port Charlotte, FL) because her earpiece speaker was sporadic. She has a strong Oreo effect, too. We have TEP, so I was hoping to get a repair or replace.

    The first guy who waited on us didn't want to take the time - he said he would have to do a Full Reset (for a faulty earpiece?), and that would take at least a half hour. The other rep was more polite, but wasn't sure what to do. I can't fault him, because he seemed to be new and lower down on the totem pole. His solution was for us to pay the $100 deductible for a new phone, rather than take the time to figure out if it could be fixed. We didn't.

    We went back about a week later to try again, since she was leaving for the summer. This time a different rep was there, and when I told him what was going on, he rolled his eyes and said, "Who sold you that?" I said the Sprint kiosk (located about 50 yards from where we were). He then went on to trash the Pre, saying "That's the worst phone ever." Again, he didn't want to take the time to even look at it. The other rep (the somewhat helpful one from earlier) did take time to try to look at it, but he still didn't seem to know what to do.

    My problem is the animosity that was shown toward the Pre by the Sprint reps - it seemed obvious to me that they really didn't know what they were talking about. I've had my Pre for almost a year now, and it's working fine. I did some research and found that most people quote that the Pre has a 40% return rate. The final figures I came up with is about 11% (compared to 7% with Iphone). Granted, over 10% is not a good ratio, but to publicly trash the phone in front of a store full of customers was inappropriate.

    I like the price I pay with Sprint, and I seem to have coverage most of the time. I love the Pre and love that there are always more things to do with it every day. I don't love the disrespect that it gets from people who are in positions of responsibility and yet make ignorant statements.

    Okay, I've ranted. Thanks for listening.
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    is that a sprint employee or a franchise at a mall kiosk? Have you called sprint support or spoken to a tech at an actual sprint-owned store?

    sure sounds like they were clueless.
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    If you have TEP on the phone and you're experiencing a factory defect, which it seems you are, then you dont need to pay the $100 deductible. just go to a sprint store with a service repair center and they should be able to order you a new phone.
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    sounds like you were at a franchise site and not an actual Sprint owned and ran location. The wife and I have similar horror stories to yours at that happened at a franchise site. Now I go 30 minutes out of my way to deal with the actual corporate Sprint store instead.
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    I agree my local Sprint owned store is always more then helpful. Unlike the mall stores in my area who have no desire to help you. IMO thats where some of the Sprint has bad customer service feeling comes from.
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    I learned about inept franchise kiosk employees when I was with Verizon (now with Sprint). Stay away. Always go to a retail store.
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    Yup, if it's in a mall stay away. That's my rule-- those guys are clueless.
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    Iroc371 I agree use a Sprint Corporate store. I also believe that the franchise stores and mall kiosks is where the majority of complaints come from. I am pretty fortunate that I have 2 service centers near me and a close store, they have all been pretty fair with me.
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    Actually I've had my best experiences at the independent retailer / authorized service centers locations.

    The one in Edmond, OK near 2nd & Bryant is awesome.
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