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    Back in March the card that I use for Sprint's automatic billing had expired and I got the notification that my payment didn't go through. At that time I used my new card which has the same number but a new expiration date and manually paid my bill. I had to go through the same thing for my April and now May payment, and now I received a letter in the mail that they have disabled my automatic billing option because of consecutive failures. The odd thing is that they do have my updated card as an option when I go to their site to manually pay my bill, but it also has my old card with the (expired) sitting next to it. Is this par for the course with Sprint autopayments when your payment card expires or is just my luck? Overall, I haven't had any problems with them but just curious if this hassle is something that everyone experiences.
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    try giving them a call and tell them your problem
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    I have the same prob I'll write more after work
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    ok, my card expired in april, sprint didn't notify me. When I logged in to see what was up with it, they somehow already had the new card info although i'd never used it with sprint. So far i'm on the road as you. I'm hoping to get it sorted out with next months pmt. In order to add a new card now they wanted 2 payments at once.
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    Is it a coincidence that we're both in Lansing and having this happen? LOL

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