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    I have been a happy Sprint customer for 5 years and have had great results with my Pre - My wife who is AT&T has refused to give up her Centro until a visit to the local Sprint store.

    I have been paying $118/mo (with tax) for an all-you-can-eat plan, with which you cannot use a corporate discount code. My wife has been paying 90/mo (with tax) for an AT&T plan with 1500 mins/texting/nights and wknds.

    Service was better on her phone in a few areas of NJ but with my homebrew forced roaming option, I have evened the odds. My service is now better in NJ and in the other 15 or so states we have visited together.

    Together, we paid about $208/mo. A local Sprint rep talked us into the 1500 mins shared plan with unlimited mobile-2mobiledata/texting/nights&wknds/etc (which basically means 1500 mins to land lines)... for $130-15% corporate discount for a total of about $129/mo. We bought the phone there for $150-$100 rebate and received a case and car charger at no additional cost. Let's say after the rebate and value of the case and charger we paid maybe $15 forr the Pixi.

    We took our joint mobile expenses from $208 to $129 ($79/mo or $948/yr savings) and replaced a dying Centro with a Pixi for basically $15 and added unlimited data for BOTH of us. In exchange, Sprint received a signed 2 year renewal. WIN-WIN!

    No other mobile company offered us a competitive deal. If you are paying >$200/mo on a non-shared plan, consider this as a cost cutting measure with significant value.
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    Yes, it's hard to beat Sprint's plans....I currently have 5 lines with unlimited data and texts and 1500 minutes (which we barely use), and have insurance on the two phones as well as Sprint TV Xtra on one, and pay about $220 / month.
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    Sprint is pretty amazing, they are talking about getting rid of minutes all together and going with a voice data type plan, not sure how that will end up working but it wont be for a while, but I figured I would let you know so you can get all hyped up about doing more sprint math :P

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