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    Is Verizon customer service really this bad??? Do they not stand behind the products they sell???

    Have issues with my Pre not making/receiving calls or data (see my prior post). So I brought it into my local Verizon store today for some "customer service". The girl looks at it, tries to make a couple of calls, some go through and some don't. Same problem I've been having.

    Her explanation is that the phone has to be up to my ear before the call will go through. Seriously don't believe her! And that doesn't explain why I don't receive calls or when I want to use the speaker to make a call the call fails. So the second explanation she give me is that they make be "working on the network"? Still not buying! If this was the case wouldn't everyone be having problems. Now the third explanation she give me is that the NASCAR race in Dover DE can cause service issues?!? What?!?! I could see if I was at the race and a lot of people were using their phones all at the same time, then maybe at that location there would be a problem, but not 30 miles away where I am!!!

    I don't know what training Verizon is giving their tech's/CSR's but these are some of the lamest excuses I've heard. BTW - she NEVER looked at any of the settings on the phone, verified my service, or even knew how to properly operate the Pre (couldn't get the Contacts and Phone applications to close with the up swipe).

    Guess my next step it to CALL Verizon tech support - at least this is what she told me to do seeing as she was unable/unwilling to help me out. Maybe I interrupted her lunch break and wanted to get me out of there.

    Anyway, does anyone know where I can find a list of regional or district offices for Verizon?
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    Great story. It reminds me of a quote I heard once, "Either laugh or choose"

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