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    Alright folks got a question for you.

    So I signed up with Sprint in July of 09 and got a Palm Pre.

    Back in Dec. of 09 or January of 10 I got sprint to drop my phone bill down 20 dollars a month for 2 years as long as I extended my contract. I likes sprint service here in NYC so I figured why not. I also made a point to ask the rep, does this affect my ability to upgrade to a new phone? or do I have to wait a full 24 months since I'm extending my contract before I can upgrade.

    She said no and that I can upgrade in 17 or 18 months when the original 2 years was done with.

    Well, a month or so ago I somehow am eligible and am now a Premiere Member with sprint. So I can upgrade in 1 year rather than waiting 2 years. My question is even though I extended my contract, can I still upgrade my phone this July?

    I'm looking to set the Palm Pre aside and get the HTC 4G.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Yes, your contract will start again with the new phone. 2yr agreement rollover.
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    So in July I can upgrade and a new 2 year will contract will start? I don't have to wait until my current contract is up?
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    Yep, as long as you have Premiere Membership you're good to go in July.
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    Actually, you should be good this July and again the next July. As a premiere member you are eligible yearly for upgrade. However, that is only on the premiere line.
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    Upgrades almost always come up before your current contract has expired. When you use the upgrade it will simply end your old contract and you will start a fresh 2-year contract.
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    You can check on by logging into your account. It will tell you your upgrade eligibility....or it will show you your upgrade discount (of $150). Which is the same thing.

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