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    What in the heck happened to Sprint's site? It's completely broken. It has terrible usability. You can't find anything and tons of things are hidden with no visual queues to know they are hidden.

    Whoever designed and/or built that piece of crap needs to get fired. I was going to post this complain on the buzzaboutwireless board but the redesign ate my username, then the "help" they provided doesn't work cause the site is broken in two different places.

    Wow, no wonder Sprint is quickly falling into last (and staying at) last place - they can't hire decent web design people.
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    Funny, that's exactly how I felt about the site before they revamped it.
    I actually like it more now. It's cleaned up and much easier to use but it is a new design and there may still be some bugs to work out.
    Just place your pointer over anything and your options pop up. Kinda has a Windows7 feel to me.

    To each is own.. .
    Everybody wants some!..
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    Yeah I like it better now actually for the most part. granted it took em days of it being fubared before they got it up and running. It took me a bit of getting used to but at least now I don't have half the pages not loading etc like the old site. plus now there is a lot more functionality.
    I am losing my mind at an alarming rate . . . Actually, I'm not really alarmed at all.

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