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    Quote Originally Posted by F6F Freak View Post
    This is an authorized Verizon retailer.
    Sorry for the delay, and glad to be here.
    Excuse me, I went in today and bought a case for my Pre from this store. It is, in fact, a corporate store.
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    They did only have 2 left when I went and that was about 3 weeks ago
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    Yeah, you can still get it online and in (Certain) stores. The one I went to the first time was rather small and must have had a tiny stock of Palm devices. When however many he had were gone, they were just gone.
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    Pre plus to me is just the same as the original pre with a spec bump. But considering the droid was released after the original pre and droid 2's are already popping up in pictures i can see how companies would be ready move on to newer devices. i think it's just the reality of the product cycle these days. i'm sure some will say, 'but pre plus just got to verizon." ok but i think for most people, even verizon, the Pre came out months before that, they were late getting any version, and they wouldn't even mark the Pre lifecylce from the original phones release on sprint. For example if sprint got a droid plus today with more ram and a memory, i think people would still be looking at it as an old phone and would be waiting for the droid 2.
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    I had an issue with my pre and droped by Verizon to get it fixed. they had NO Palm Pre/Pixi or acessories in the store unless it was on clearance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I wish we could get preware on the store phones somehow... We could stop by and soup them up.
    I turn on Advanced Gestures (full swipe window swapping)
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    well they did not purchase any more phones from palm this quarter,which obviously means they are not purchasing any more of the current palm phones unless there is a sudden massive demand.

    they will continue to sell the phone through promos and online until their current stock finishes...thats why they have phones like the imagio and omnia 2 still lingering around. Like palm they didn't push those phones and now they are stuck with excess inventory.

    so technically they are not discontinuing it, but it likely won't be around in the stores long.
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    or, thiey still have a million in the warehouse right next to 2 million KINa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    or, thiey still have a million in the warehouse right next to 2 million KINs.
    I literally laughed out loud.
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