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    lo and behold, I tried to enable hotspot on my pre plus and pop goes the weasel... you must have a data plan to use this service... *** I should have waited for the gsm version that's the only reason I switched to Verizon.
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    I think that is just a standard warning. I saw that the first time I launched it after the update, but everything still works as normal for me with not extra charges.
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    got the same warning after the update.

    I think restarted my pre and it came back already.
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    yep, it means you have to have the correct data plan enabled in your account. That's true, but it is enabled with a cost of zero dollars. If you haven't signed up for the correct data plan, call 611 from your phone and have them sign you up. You can probably do it from myverizon on their website, too....
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    Here is an update: contacted Verizon and confirmed that hotspot is sill free, but couldn't resolve the issue so they patched me to Palm support. I guess it was around quitting time when I called (11pm eastern) Palm support couldn't resolve the issue with a partial reset of the unit. No one around for the next level support they will contact me the next day... hmmm, great support Palm...
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    Update part deus: Damn Palm support really sucks! They don't even know how their own product or need to do a better job training their Indian support staff. They transfered me back to Verizon so they can reset my profile. Verizon support reset my profile and still not working. He decided to send me a new phone. While he was processing the order, I decided to create a wireless network by tapping on the 'Network Info' text box and enter and name passphrase and tapped on the ON/OFF slider. Voila! w00t...

    BTW kudo to Verizon tech support and No thanks to Palm!
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