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    We would like to add my Grandfather to our family plan on Sprint to save some money. Currently he has some Sanyo phone (with a giant speakerphone) from 3 years ago, it's not very good and he has trouble navigating the menus.

    So I thought I would ask this question of the PreCentral community-- What is a good Sprint phone for Grandpa? Ideally it would be as simple as possible, have large keys, large bright lettering on the screen, strong vibrate, and an easy to navigate menu. Complex features such as email, browsing, and music are a minus as they just clutter the phone and cause confusion. It must be a phone on Sprint, not necessarily one in their current lineup though.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Samsung SPH-M610
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    I got my dad a Samsung M240. (He's 83 and he loves it).
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    The Sanyo 3810. Lagre Keys and you have the option to make the menu to large font.
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    Does Sprint carry the Jitterbug? LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarlesLT View Post
    Does Sprint carry the Jitterbug? LOL
    they should lol...for those people who complain that the pre is too hard to use
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    Jitterbug is a Verizon MNVO, and they are WAY too expensive anyway. The point of this is so save us some money.

    So far, looks the Sanyo 3810 is the best bet. It's the only one of the bunch to even make an attempt at being elderly-friendly.
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    Seconding the Sanyo 3810
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    I also vote for the Sanyo 3810. Big, solid phone with a large screen and large keys.
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    i'm actually thinking giving the pre with font size patch to my dad. But the speaker might b too soft for him.
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    I would suggest a "ruggedized" cell phone... generally have large buttons, aren't too complicated, and are seriously built to last.

    I used to have a Casio G'Zone back when I was with Verizon and that thing was indestructible. We used to try to mess it up by doing stuff like making calls underwater in the swimming pool, throwing it at things, and so on... On their website there's even a consumer testimonial of a guy who lost his phone in a snowbank outside his house. 9 days later the snow finally thawed and his phone still worked just fine.

    Looking at Sprint's line-up you might want to check out either the i576 by Motorola (flip phone), the PRO-700 by Sanyo (flip phone), or the i365 by Motorola (candy bar style). You could also just walk into a Sprint store and ask what they have as far as rugged phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cylon View Post
    The Sanyo 3810. Lagre Keys and you have the option to make the menu to large font.
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    the pre...
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    Sanyo 3810 is probably your best bet. The M240 is extremely low end, and isn't as elderly-friendly.
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