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    I found an old list posted here and several other sites, but everything seems to be from 2007 or earlier and most of the numbers no longer work.

    Is there an updated list with direct phone numbers and contact info for the people higher up the food chain with Sprint?

    Here's my long-lasting, unresolved issue that's been going on for the better part of 2 months now:

    I had a Treo 800w that I was very happy with. Other than a few replacements due to charging issues, I had no problem with my 800.

    I'm a project engineer for a highway contractor. I work on jobsite. I use my Treo Primarily for data (work e-mail) and personal voice. I have a cheap company AT&T phone for business use.

    There's an array of cell towers for just about every major carrier in Dallas-Fort Worth within a few hundred yards of my office. Up until about 2 months ago, these towers were mounted on top of old power transmission towers. In mid-March, the old power towers were removed/relocated and replaced with new monopoles and the cell antennas were then mounted on top of the new monopoles. The exact weekend that they made the switch from the old towers to the new tower, I no longer had voice or data service at my office or anywhere nearby. Before that time, my service was flawless at this location.

    I went about 2 weeks with no service at work, assuming they had issues with the tower transfer and were working it out. The phone would show 3-4 bars, but as soon as I tried to make a call the bars would disappear and eventually I'd get a message that there was no service. Maybe 1 out of every 10 calls would go to roaming and connect. Once I get a mile or two away and, I'm assuming, pick up another tower, everything goes back to normal and my service would work perfectly. I'd often get bombarded with the day's e-mails, texts and voice mail on my way home from work every night...usually when I was a couple miles down the road.

    So, I finally got frustrated enough to call Sprint. After several calls, I managed to get to advanced support and eventually got them to open a ticket. The supposedly came out several times and "reset the tower" but nothing changed. The ticket stayed open and they eventually said that nothing was wrong with the tower and closed the ticket. (There were several phone trouble-shooting calls during this time too.) The tech who closed the ticket opened a store ticket with my local store so I could try a brand new phone. Or course, my brand new Treo 800w didn't work either. Frustrated again and after talking to advance support and getting nowhere, I managed to bully my way to the local store's manager and get annoying enough to convince her to give me a different model phone. (I was somewhat convinced that it might be an issue between the 800w and that particular tower.) A few days later my new 850 Pro arrived. Still didn't work at my office! Now I'm sure it's 100% a tower issue since I now have had 3 phones that don't work plus I found someone the other day with a 755p that also doesn't work when he's here.

    So back to tech support. I called back and forced my way up the ladder to advanced support. They read over my support history but would not open a new ticket as they don't believe anything is wrong with the tower. (They keep implying that my office building (trailer) is blocking the signal, but can't grasp the concept that I don't get service within a 1-2 mile radius of this location. Whatever.

    After threatening to port my number over to AT&T and get an IPhone, they decided to comp me an AirRave, which I got last night and set up today. I works awesome....when I'm within range. But unfortunately my job requires me to be outside on my project for a significant part of the day so this only fixes my problem when I'm actually in the office. I see it as a bandaid and they aren't actually addressing the bigger problem....but at least I have some service during the day now.

    I'm on the old SERO plan and that's really the only thing keeping me hanging on at this point. I know if I go to another provider I'm going to end up paying at least twice what I'm paying with sprint. Soooo....I want to start contacting people much higher up the food chain to see if I can get someone that actually want to resolve this. I don't care if it's the CEO, President, etc. of Sprint. I plan on sending a bunch of e-mails in one last-ditch effort to get this issue resolved....since over 10 hours on the phone with tech support hasn't fixed anything.

    So, back to my original question: Is there an updated "master list" of Sprint contacts? What else would you guys recommend doing in a situation like this?
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    Try this bad boy

    Worked for me.
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    If you get nowhere...try posting for help on twitter with the #Sprint hashtag. Someone will respond with added direction or contact info

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