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    I'm in Little Rock, AR and have been unable to make or receive calls for about 1hr. I'm on the line with sprint tech support is unable to call my land line and all of their customer service numbers are down. They were able to call me from a nextel line. They are unsure of the issue and are still on the phone with me. She also just told me this issue has been reported in other places. Anybody else having this problem?
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    Still on the phone tech support we have found out Kansas City servers are down right now will post more when I find out. She was reading an outage list I heard Nashville and Phoenix.
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    In Phoenix here. Voice was fine, but data was out for about 45 minutes. All ormal now...
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    I had a issue with voice calls and text messaging yesterday didnt recieve anything for 4 hours im in ft lauderdale florida. Though everything seems to be fine now.
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    Everything is cool here in SoCal
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    Still having issues here in NLR, AR area. Customer's have been in and out all day asking. Still do not have an ETA for our area. It seems sporadic at best. Sometimes I see a customer able to make phone calls but no internet, sometimes it's the reverse. It also seems that all Sprint customer care hotlines are inaccessible as well.
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    Just tested phone still was not working. Did a hard reset and everything seems to be back up and running for now. Lets keep our fingers crossed!!

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