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    ... so I went to Best Buy (I'm on Sprint btw). They did not have any at that store so they checked their computer and there are no Sprint pres anywhere in their region; not in any stores or in their warehouse. I wanted to buy at Best Buy because the sales guy offered me one for $99 (before he knew they were out of them) and you don't have to wait on your $100 rebate for 6-8+ weeks.

    The Best Buy employee speculated that they may be getting the pre+ or another Palm phone. Of course he does not know this for a fact but between BB and Shack letting their inventories run out, you would have to think something new from Palm is coming for Sprint. Right? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens soon because the trackball on my old Blackberry Curve is currently being held in place by scotch tape and I'm past due for my upgrade from Sprint.

    As an aside... he also offered me a Hero for $79.99 and that was tempting! But I've decided to give webOS a shot first.
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    order it directly from sprint...
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    Yeah but the Best Buy guy was going to save me $50 by selling it to me for $99. Also when you buy one from Best Buy they give you credit it for the rebate at checkout, you don't have to wait 6-8+ weeks like when you order from Sprint.

    The bigger issue for me now is do I want to wait a few more weeks thinking/hoping that Sprint will soon have a pre+ or some other Palm device?
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    I doubt it will be weeks. Hech, they are 29 bucks on the verizon site now.

    you have to decide how long you are willing to wait.

    and maye get a 1 year contract?
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    I'm Sprint Premier so I get an upgrade every year.

    The waiting is the hardest part (to quote Tom Petty) and that's what I'm debating now... wait and see or go ahead and get one through Sprint's website. A large retailer like Best Buy having limited inventory has to be a sign of something... if only I knew what, my decision would be easier.

    Thanks for the input.
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    I wouldn't expect a new device until months after the pre plus on att.

    and there are no definitive signs of pre plus on sprint.

    maybe get a dumbphone off contract for a few months?

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