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    I have the Any Mobile Any Time plan for $69.99 but my day time minutes are being used when I call my voicemail. Technically my voicemail is a mobile number so that should not effect my daytime minutes. Last month I got a $400+ bill and after analyzing my bill I noticed this. Also they made a mistake be not adding the Sprint to Home number that I told them to add. So after 5hrs of calling Sprint back to back, I got credited all the charges. I feel we have to do something about this because Sprint have been doing this for years. Check your usage and see if you're also using your day time minutes when you call your voicemail.
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    I use youmail and the youmail visual voicemail app so I don't get charged the minutes anymore, great free service.
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    i wasn't aware of this and ALWAYS assumed that voicemail calls were free.

    of course, that being said...the fix to this is to get a google voice # and conditional forward your voicemails there. you then get the free voice to text transcription (although sometimes less than accurate) and then if you want to hear the message just click "play message" from your e-mail notification
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    you need a better plan
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    They are free, but they're still listed in the bill for information. If you find that's not the case, then you got hit with a computer error and you should call them to get it fixed. But don't start rumors, especially false ones.
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    Sprint recently changed their website and they took away the legends which specified which is phone number counts against your mobile2mobile minutes, daytime minutes, nighttime minutes, sprint2home minutes and etc. I am not starting a rumor, it is a fact.
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    for another 30$ (simply everything) plan, and i worry for not. everything is covered, i don't even pay attention to my bill
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    I was in the Columbia, MD store yesterday.
    The sign said that M2M excludes calls to voice mail.
    BTW, the store sucked. I had a readynow appointment, but they only bumped me to the head of customers in line. My phone had to wait until the other phones that were waiting on techs to look at had been looked at. Then even though I told them that I was waiting, noone called me when it was done.
    All 5s, no way, all zeros!!!
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    I noticed this several months ago. It ticked me off and makes no freaking sense. Now if I need to check my voicemail I simply call from a landline or a friends phone and check it from there . Thanks Modeer! I didn't know visualvoice would work!
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    Calling my voicemail from my cellphone has always resulted in used Daytime minutes from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. I have never been concerned about it in the past since I don't spend too long listening to them.
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    Voicemail calls should never use any minutes but sometimes the system will charge you (especially if you are roaming while making the call). it's a bug in the system, but it still happens sometimes. Generally if they remove the voicemail code from your account and re-add it (which erases your VM), it can fix the problem.
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