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    So, I bought my Palm Pre in Canada from a company called BAKA wireless.

    When the Palm Pre went down to being $0 with a three year plan, a co-worker of mine wanted to jump on board, but, she said

    "the Pre doesnt even offer email, so I can't get it"

    I was like...."what?"

    It turns out she looked on their site.

    Look at the "Device Features" on the right. Read them all.

    Now... look at a different phone, the Samsung Omnia 2

    Now, if I was a technically challenged individual and compared these phones, I would immediately think "Wow, the Palm Pre sucks, it doesnt have email, a touchscreen, or anything!"

    This is obviously false advertising and needs to be changed.

    I already contacted BAKA but they wont get back to me, nor has the site changed.

    How can I contact PALM in order to notify them that their product is being misrepresented by one of their own retailers?


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    i think they fixed it.

    edit: also the pre is now free on a 2 year, but i would recommend paying a 100 and getting a 1 year agreement instead.
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    Yup, looks like they fixed it. Maybe your email did the trick!
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    good job making a difference....your contribution might have helped find a new home for a homeless pre
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    It says it in the main content for the phone, but not the icons on the far right

    Look over to the far right where the icons are. There are far less for the Pre than the Samsung.

    Maybe im nit picking...but this is a quick way for someone to assess how good a phone is by comparing these icons to the other phones on the site, without having to read the fine details.

    Just looking at these icons alone and the Pre looks pretty pathetic. According to the 'icons' the Pre doesnt even have WIFI.

    You or me will read the details in full. Someone who is browsing phones... might just see that there is no "wifi" icon and mull over the phone, only to buy another one.
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    Seems like it's fixed. I hope they thanked you.
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    Here are two pics comparing..

    Dude, I want a Samsung Omnia 2, the Pre doesnt even have Wifi or email!

    See what im gettin at? Or am I being too nit picky?
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    but...its not fixed? am i the only one seeing this?
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    wow! if i was to just look at that i would not get the pre. they need to change that asap! lol i must have a super pre since mine has wifi and a touchscreen. haha
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    yeah, I got my Pre through that company so I am going to call them tomorrow and tell them that they accidentally sent me the wrong phone, because mine has a Wifi, Touchscreen, Email and Internal Memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by notalexrz View Post
    good job making a difference....your contribution might have helped find a new home for a homeless pre

    Hopefully not this home:
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    They emailed me back apologizing and added the icons. They forgot email but thats a stupid icon anyways.

    Problem solved.

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