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    Each month sprint bill seems to be going up a fifty cents or so. I know there was an increase over taxes a couple months ago which i almost used to get out of my contract and jump to verizon, but I am waiting for a ohone that would be worth the switch.

    this month with the insurance my bill is $124. what is ther verizon equivalent monthly bill? the problem is that nav is extra?

    maybe this new htc droid will be worth the change but it would need to have free tethering like the pre plus
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    Go check out Verizon's website. Look for an equivalent minutes package, then add on the data package, and you'll find out how much more (a LOT) Verizon will be for you.
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    without knowing what your current plan is there is no way of knowing the verizon equivalent. You should just go to their website and price it out.
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    sprint is the best value for the money.
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    he must have the everything unlimited, cause before i switched to the 450 everything +mobile to mobile, i used to have the $99 everything unlimited and my bill has always $124 all the time but the cents always changed up and down.
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    wow thats what i pay for everything data 1500 for two lines gotaa call them up

    and yes sprints the cheapest of att verizon and tmo

    id have gone to verizon but WAY TOO MUCH
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    Quote Originally Posted by churro View Post
    wow thats what i pay for everything data 1500 for two lines gotaa call them up

    and yes sprints the cheapest of att verizon and tmo

    id have gone to verizon but WAY TOO MUCH
    with tax included????
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    There are a lot of discounts that one can get for service. Something as simple as banking at a credit union will save you 10% every month. Just to clarify ANY CREDIT UNION!
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    mine had gone down down down over the last months, they keep giving me free credits anytime I call in

    and more oddly, I am not even calling in to complain!

    they even saw I did and in store upgrade that charged me an activation, and refunded it on the audit the next month, something I did not expect at all, as I agreed to the activation fee.
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    so op please what is ur plan? Be good to know wat it is to see if you are getting jibbed, I got an $88 bill for a 450 everything data plus insurance.

    oh and look at ur detailed bills online, and see the charges you can find out why you get charge for wat. Except for taxes and city wat not those just give a total.
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    Discounts. Employment/membership at a credit union. You can do it online, or through a customer service rep. Win.
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    Tax included I pay on average $123, for the everything data with 1500 minutes and 2 lines. Of course I have a 25% discount though, but at least I have one . Sprint wins for pricing & plans. We use over 1.5Gb per month, and with anytime any mobile we use 3776 minutes w/ only 142 coming from the 1500, and 584 text. If I take out the $7 TEP and $4 roadside rescue, then I could save even more.

    No where else can you get all of this at this price.
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    You can also take a look at this spreadsheet I created for the Sprint Community Forums. It isn't official, but it at least will give you a general idea. There is a plan comparison page on there that takes a good portion of the plans on the 3 major carriers and compares them. Keep in mind it doesn't include things like Insurance/Protection, or Roadside rescue, etc.

    Short link, otherwise it is fairly long and impossible to remember from Google Docs:
    Sprint Plans
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    Quote Originally Posted by Menace187 View Post
    with tax included????
    yeah it went down since i pay online and auto bill pay

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