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    Does anyone know what Verizon is giving for damaged 755p's as a replacement? I've been with my 755 for almost 4 years. I know I can do the "new every two" but I DO NOT WANT A new contract.

    The before I had the 755 I had a 600, when it broke I was given the 755. (through the Asurion program). Yes... I have paid for this phone MANY times over.

    In any case, does anyone know what Verizon is replacing 755 with? Pre or Pixo maybe? Or are they sending out refurbished 755...?

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    My guess would be a Centro if they still have them in Stock.
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    If the phone is damaged, then you will be going thru Asurion, and will probably get another 755. You may be stuck with that unless you want to upgrade.

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