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    I love My Palm Pre ! Its fully flash and EVERYTHING works except update WebOS and the Palm Apps catalog.

    When I try to update the circle thing just spins forever.With the Palm Apps catalog its says Service not available right now try again later.

    Since its Cricket I did not do a Palm Pre account that was skipped when flashed.

    How can I make one and not unflashed My phone or something ?

    The update My phone.

    I'm a newbie Sorry for these questions.

    Thanks in Advanced.
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    You are an alien from Cricket.
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    maybe you can do a full erase. Wheb I do a full erase andmy phone starts back up it always asks me to log into my palm account or create a new one.

    if that doesn't work then maybeyou can upgrade your software via doctoring.

    sory I am not much help. But I think you may be able to find help in the forums if you just search.
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    There is a patch in Preware called 'Show FirstUse App'. This will unhide that app and allow you to sign in to or create a Palm Profile.

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