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    I have the original pre as I am on a Sprint individual plan and I absolutely love it. The rest of my family however is on U.S. Cellular here in the midwest. I know that they are a CDMA network so the phones from Sprint and Verizon would work on their network just fine but I wasn't sure if there was any way of getting them over. I want to get the rest of my family on Palm phones, either the Pixi for some or the Pre for others but they aren't going to be switching carriers any time soon. Is there any way to get this to work?

    Thanks in advance
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    Most likely not. First you would have to discontinue your Sprint plan, and pay whatever ETF you owe them. That would clear up that phone being tied to a number, and would not mess up the ESN of the phone. But when it comes time to activiating that phone on the US Cellular Network (if they will even let you, so you'd better check with them), you may not be able to set up a profile. As I recall when I set mine up with Sprint, I couldn't do anything with it till then. It's more complicated that just making a CDMA phone work on any CDMA network. It doesn't hurt to ask. But if you're having such a good experience with Sprint, why wouldn't they want to change?

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