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    I want to give my Pre to my son later this year when I get either a new webos phone (hopefully) or the EVO...

    Is there a way to not lose the apps I have paid for and have them transferred to him?
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    The apps are tied to your palm profile. So if you give him your palm profile along with the phone he will get to use the apps you bought. However that means you don't be able to use it with a different palm phone.
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    Good question. When my plan runs out in August, I plan on handing my Pre down to my daughter and getting whatever is the newer Palm phone at that time.

    Being able to transfer profiles would be a nice offering from Palm... hint... hint
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    You could wipe your profile via backup app and turning off backups. Then go to palm website and log into your Palm Profile and change the email and password to whatever he wants. It should at least retain all your apps linked to your account.

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