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    ummm... you do realize at&t has almost 40 million more subscribers than sprint? I think it would take alot more than that.
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    I think things are about line up for sprint to over take AT&T and become the #2 service provider in the US.
    What do you guys think?

    no chance whatsoever in the near term. they have about half the subscribers of at&t, and need to stop losing customers before you can even start talking about a difference of 45M subscribers occurring...
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    true though sprints loosing contract subscribers, their prepaid service is going through the roof. Also their lose of subscribers has slowed considerably, and as long as they keep providing customers with a good lineup of phones, and cheaper contracts, they will recover. In the sense of them passing AT&T....hmmm maybe but not in the near future, though I do see Verizon carring the iphone hurting AT&T abit and their service is horriable( I had AT&T for years through my job and its horriable as well as expensive). With Verizon though prices are comparable their service is alot better then AT&T. AT&T only reason they have so many subscribers is because of the iphone, and if you give people other options believe me AT&T will be hurting again. Just think if Verizon would have said yes to the iphone as opposed to them turning them down and letting AT&T have em, AT&T or cingular wireless would prob be where metro pcs is now.
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