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    First let me explain what has happened

    In Nov. 2009 My wife won a Palm Pre with service up til March 2010. Even though it was a California number we used it to test drive the Pre. In the end of February we realized that we would not be going with Sprint. We went into a store (sprint) to find out what to do to begin process of selling the phone. Lo and behold the phone is not in our name but in the name of Cindy (last name withheld) and that she works for Sprint in California and does Promotions for Sprint. The number they gave my wife is disconnected. This has been a 2 month ordeal of calling this person and that. Getting transferred many many times (at least 3 times per call)

    Now we have called for the who knows how many times and she is currently on the 5th transfer to try to get this figured out.

    what is a person to do to get help from sprint......
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    why do you need sprint's involvement to sell the phone?
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    Because it's not under my wifes name it's under some sprint lady that works in overland park KS. I was trying to get it replaced because like alot of sprints phones it has a crack in it
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    No It's actually Not the only reason and no it's not a joke...

    Please explain why you think it's funny. To me this is poor customer Service. If I give away something for free in my company i expect my people to back the product no matter who ends up with it after they have finished with it as long as they pay for the service provided.

    My friend who I will be selling the phone to will have to upgrade his service from sprint.

    and of course you miss the main point and look for the other side of it... the phone has a crack where the door is and on at the top. the phone has never been dropped. Has a Sprint case on it even. What i was getting at is I couldn't even get it replaced which by all right i should be able to do.
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    um, who are you talking to in that last post there?
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    You got to use the phone and service for free and you are upset why? I don't get it.
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    Trying to figure this out. First, did your wife win a Palm Pre with service or did she win a Palm Pre to keep and also get service for the first few mos at no charge? The reason I ask is that the phone as you have stated is in Cindy x's name. If your wife won the phone, why was it not in her name. Did she pay the taxes for winning the phone? I would think that if the phone were in her name that Sprint would assist you better. Form the little information you have told us it sounds to me that your wife won free use of a Palm Pre for a few mos. and the phone belongs to a Cindy.
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    Why don't you just call palm and ask for a warranty replacement?

    Although scamming them into a giving you a new phone when you physically damaged the one you got for free (no, I don't buy that it randomly cracked on its own), only in order to sell it, is pretty low.
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    I think the problem is that the phone you have is a promotional item. Palm provided the phone for free and Sprint provided the service for free. Since nobody ever paid for the phone or the service, the phone is not allowed to be sold and the service is not allowed to be continued. I would bet your wife probably had to sign some type of agreement/disclaimer when she won the phone and this was probably stated somewhere.

    You can't really be mad at Sprint or Palm about this. Its just the way things work with promotions. This doesn't just apply to phones either. If you win something like a CD from a radio station, it will be marked as a promotional item and you aren't supposed to sell it.
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    He feels they should have exchanged it due to a crack so he can sell it after the line was canceled? You don't have service with them so they could give 2 craps if your phone works.

    You say you wouldn't go with sprint due to something that happened after you decided to not go with sprint. So really this interaction with them had no bearing on your actual decision. So what did drive it? You like paying more? You enjoy the smaller coverage area of T-mobile? Or are you as poor as your grammar and are getting a boost phone and in turn are still a sprint customer.
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    what a scammer,,been with sprint for 8 yrs now and I would never change. They are always there when I need them.
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    Major Payne was around now I think Major Payne just had it and is a Major Pain.
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