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    The Sprint Free Guarantee is a program for new customers or current Sprint customers who add a new line of service on or after 4/1.

    For new lines of activation, we’ll provide the most robust guarantee in the industry. The Sprint Free Guarantee will replace the 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for new lines of activation.

    We have always had a 30-Day Satisfaction Policy, but to make the jump to Sprint even more attractive starting 4/1 we introduce the Sprint Free Guarantee.

    What’s the difference between the Sprint Free Guarantee and the 30-Day Satisfaction Policy?
    With the 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, new customers were still responsible for prorated MRC charges and associated taxes and fees.

    With our Sprint Free Guarantee, full MRC charges, and associated taxes and fees will be reimbursed.
    The following charges will not be reimbursed: usage not included in your plan, premium content, third party billing, international charges and any associated taxes and Sprint surcharges.

    If a customer activates a new line of service, and they do not incur any overage or charges listed above that won’t be reimbursed, the customer can walk away with no out of pocket expenses. Yep, you heard it right -- free means FREE

    As a part of this policy, we will also waive the restock fee for new customer exchanges. The restock policy for upgrading customers does not change.

    NOTE: The restocking fee does not apply to Corporate-Liable (CL) customers.
    So in a nutshell, The Sprint Free Guarantee covers new lines of service, while the 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee covers upgrades and accessories.
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    I think that is the new news.

    It'll help to lure in customers... which is all they need to do.
    Cause people who have Sprint usually don't switch out.
    It's already got free mobile to mobile, free roaming, low priced data plans, etc.
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    nice, now i can try new phones....

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    i'll try it out with the evo probably
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    Quote Originally Posted by imex99 View Post
    nice, now i can try new phones....

    pretty sure they will restrict you to only one or two "try outs" otherwise people would be doing this every month.

    Also this opens them up to abuse, if you need a number on a temp basis less then a month, instead of getting a pay to go walk into a sprint store and PU a trial offer?

    This will get them very few extra clients who actually stay
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    At my store we worry a bit about the possible abuse, but we're still excited since it will encourage folks who have been hesitant to try our service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshk View Post
    At my store we worry a bit about the possible abuse, but we're still excited since it will encourage folks who have been hesitant to try our service.
    I'm worried about people "borrowing" aircards when they need internet on a trip.
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    I Think that Sprint is getting all of their ducks in a row for the launch of the HTC EVO.

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