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    I was walking around the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas when my girlfriend and I passed a Verizon kiosk. I'm sure it wasn't Verizon owned, but rather an independent reseller with Verizon. Guess what was missing from it? The pre and pixi. His answer, "We just don't have them." Kind of sad. It is the best phone on the market...especially when hacked. It is the best phone I've owned. It is probably one of the few phone places on the Strip and they could use a pre on display....especially with the apple store located in that mall. Just thougt I would share.
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    Yeah and to top it off a lot of the verizon stuff is now gone in Chicago, most likely due to the contract that verizon had with palm to promote the pre and pixi for only a certain time, but since that time window has passed us we are not getting any more love
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    I have seen the same thing in my mall. One kiosk I visited had none on display, when I asked they showed me a dummy phone that they had behind the counter. When I asked, they did state that the main kiosk (1/4 mile down the mall) had the units, but they had not gotten any units to display. I was surprised that (a) they didn't have any (working) units to SHOW people and (b) they didn't try to sell me a droid (lol).
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    I've noticed it too in a few nearby Costcos. No Pre Plus, no Pixi Plus.
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    It's the same way with Sprint. Certain phones aren't carried by third-party kiosks because of agreements the carrier makes with retailers. For instance, R Solutions kiosks could not sell the Pre for Sprint until 6 months after the launch because Best Buy had a third party exclusivity deal set up with Sprint. So, relax. I'm sure they'd carry it if they could.
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