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    Which of those 2 radio's offer better battery life?

    With GSM, i used to put my iPhone on EDGE. (Because quite frankly, 3G was slow, and unreliable.)

    Is that the same with CDMA?

    Which radio offers better battery life? Especially while streaming Pandora?

    EV-DO Rev. A?

    EV-DO Rev. 0?

    Or, 1xRTT?

    Helpfull info...

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    Well I imagine 1xRTT will provide the best battery life, but don't expect to stream Pandora.

    Rev. A is what Sprint uses in the US, which could be faster, but is backwards compatible. Considering they're pretty much the same thing I don't see how they would affect anything.

    Also from what I've heard, don't expect anything like what you did with the iPhone, apparently it just sucks in dealing with the network, I know I've heard much better things about the AT&T network from blackberry users.

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