I've noticed something strange on my new Pre and Pixi, after a sort time away from Sprint, I'm wondering if the roaming agreement has changed or there's been a glitch somewhere.

What I've noticed is the phone roaming on EV-DO in very very rural (Verizon-only) areas, and I'm kind of curious what's going on, as I know of one city nearby that had Alltel EV-DO but not Sprint (I've roamed on it with my Treo Pro, but everywhere else inbetween here and there was 1x on Verizon). Other than that there is no Alltel presence in this area, no other carrier period to be exact in one of the counties I drive through. It's weird that the area inbetween where I was previously roaming at 1x, I'm now roaming on EV-DO.

I panicked at first, since I have data roaming turned on, and checked my bill for any extra data roaming charges, but there was none, so I'm wondering what exactly is going on. Did the agreement change? Are the towers in that area somehow getting seen as Alltel towers even though Alltel has never had service there?