Since it was posted a few days ago, but some details were vague, went to do some more research about it, over at HowardForums and at a Bell Store, so I'd though I'd share...

HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Palm Pre $10 off a month on plan Offer
HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Palm Pre Smartphone Plan Discount?

Some key highlights:

- Discount is valid as long as you stick with the 3 year agreement and one of the Smartphone Combo plans.

- There is a clause on the Bell terminal that "Discount code only valid for the Palm Pre versions of the smartphone combo plans. If customer switches to different hardware the discount code should be removed.", but a fairly reputable member confirmed that the "Palm Pre version" of the plans are just the regular non-BlackBerry plans. The only way the code can be removed is through a CS rep on the customer service line. Hence it's possible to switch to an HSPA SIM later on, if you're like me waiting for the HSPA Pre Plus

- In conjunction with the Pre deal, they are also offering to waive the $35 activation fee. Some kind of battle is going on, Rogers/Fido and Telus are offering the same thing right now. They are also throwing in free early evenings unlimited (6PM instead of the usual 9PM).

- Deal cannot be combined with corporate discounts

I'll probably sign up this coming Saturday once my ECF with Fido runs out. Yes, I've sworn by HSPA for the longest time, but this deal is really hard to pass up.